Executive Member

Jerry Heying
Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Heying has more than 40 years of private security, investigations, personal protection, and protection driving experience while working in over 50 countries. Beginning in the late 70's, Mr. Heying was a team member of a large high threat personal protection team for an ultra-high net worth (UHNW) private family, and has attended numerous protection and driving courses. Mr. Heying has attained driving and protection Instructor status from multiple schools, and holds numerous professional and state issued certifications.

In 1989, Mr. Heying founded the International Protection Group, LLC (IPG), and the International Protective Service Agency (IPSA); licensed security and investigation companies in several states that specialize in special event security, investigations, secured transportation, and personal protection. Since 2009, IPG has owned and operated the Executive Protection Institute (EPI), the oldest executive protection training school operating in the United States since being established in 1978. Mr. Heying has also been an Instructor for EPI since 1996.

Mr. Heying has extensive experience in operational planning and coordinating major events both domestically and internationally and has a full range of experience with protective details as a team member; shift and detail leader; performing advance preparations for private families, entertainers, business and religious leaders on a worldwide basis; and providing protective driving details.

Mr. Heying obtained his Certified Protection Professional (CPP) credential from ASIS International, and is very active with the organization holding numerous positions. He is a Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) and a Certified Security Trainer (CST) from the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers (ASET); a Certified Anti-Terrorist Specialist (CAS); a Certified Security Driving Instructor from several schools; and is a NRA and multi State Certified Firearms Instructor. Mr. Heying is a graduate of the Executive Protection Institute and a member of the Nine Lives Associates. Mr. Heying serves as the Executive Director of the Executive Protection Institute (EPI), the President of the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers (ASET); and a Founding Board Member of the International Protective Security Board (IPSB).

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