Residential Security

Services: We specialize in Apartments buildings, Condos, Co-Ops, HOA, and Gated Communities.

International Protective Service Agency (IPSA) understands that residential communities/properties spend valuable resources to protect their residents/tenants and secure the property. A professional and courteous security presence at the property which communicates effectively with residents, tenants, guests, property management is an important part of the overall prestige of the residential community.

A comprehensive security program is critical to ensuring a safe and secure environment. IPSA security personnel are well trained, reliable and supported by local resources dedicated and committed to helping you reach your security goals. With a core competency in residential security and numerous residential clients throughout New York and New Jersey, IPSA can bring the resources necessary to give you the security you not only expect but deserve.

IPSA security personnel are specifically trained to provide security to residential communities, which means that they work to create a balance between friendly customer service and highly visible, effective security. They excel in surveillance, resident/tenant verification, guest registration, alarm monitoring and response, parking enforcement, periodic or random mobile patrols, lock up and alarm, fire watch, and emergency response. Additionally, they can monitor any shared space, such as a pool or clubhouse, closely follow post orders, and provide daily reports back to management. All our officers complete a rigorous security training program, receive ongoing instruction, pass thorough background checks, and are screened for drugs.

Our challenge is to provide security without being intrusive, allowing residents/tenants and their guest to feel safe, secure and protected without feeling overly guarded. Our vision has always been to develop effective safety and security programs yet support the community atmosphere.

Our residential security experts are here to help you keep your building and community safe and secure. IPSA has more than 29 years of experience providing residential security services to apartments, condos, HOA, co-ops and residential gated communities. We understand how important it is to implement security measures that protect your residents, tenants and their property, while maintaining an atmosphere that is appropriate for residents, tenants’ visitors, and guests.

Working with board and association members and property managers, our residential security professionals will conduct a free site analysis of your property, developing a security plan specific for your security needs and budget. We have a reputation of providing security services of the highest standards at competitive pricing.

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