Guard Services

International Protective Service Agency

(IPSA) Security Guards at your site conveys a professional appearance and demeanor. They look crisp. Visitors are welcomed courteously and helpfully just as access control procedures are firmly and consistently enforced. Visitors proceed to their destination with a first impression of having been dealt with professionally and efficiently. As a stakeholder partially responsible for security, you leave home confident that your Security Officers will be alert to potential security incidents and conditions and that they will deal professionally and thoughtfully with situations as they arise, making all necessary notifications – because they have been carefully selected and are continuously being trained and closely mentored by their supervisors and the IPSA management team in accordance with the goals and priorities that you have set for your security program.

IPSA understands the critical role played by security guards and commits to hiring security guards who are highly motivated and committed to fulfilling the roles of security personnel with success.

Our security personnel undergo thorough training and are tested for performance to cater to different security needs of our clients. Security is our only business, and we’ve been concentrating on it for more almost three decades. We provide specialized services to educational facilities, shopping centers, retail stores, residential communities, industrial facilities and other commercial properties with well-trained, professional security personnel. Additionally, when a uniformed security presence is important, such as for concerts, public events or crowd control IPSA can offer a range of uniform types.

A primary duty of our security personnel is to serve as a deterrent to criminal activity. The uniforms serve as one of the most important tools in maintaining this deterrent effect and will help determine the level of respect commanded, and the public’s impression of our clients and IPSA. Each type of uniform we offer creates a different atmosphere specific to the nature of the facility or event. Uniform types include Police Style Uniforms, Soft Style Uniforms, and Special Uniforms. No matter what the nature of your requirement is, from free-flowing out-door marathons to stadium concerts to elegant balls, IPSA provides security with the right touch.

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