Fire Safety

New York City Fire Department (FDNY) Approved Fire Guards and Fire & Life Safety Directors available throughout New York.

New York City and New York State fire codes require that a New York City and FDNY certified fireguard be present at all public performances and to always be present at certain facilities. Usually, these properties are construction sites, high-rise buildings, residential and commercial buildings, and other similar type properties.

As a full-service security and fire safety firm, International Protective Service Agency understands that fire safety is often a major concern for our clients. Because there is an ever-present need for fire safety services in New York City, IPSA employs one of the largest teams of FDNY approved Fire Guards to protect your property and make sure that it is up to fire codes and Fire Safety Directors that are trained and certified by the FDNY to implement the building's Fire Safety Plan in the event of an emergency.

IPSA not only provides the required personnel but also works intimately with the city to ensure all violations are corrected and subsequent inspections are passed. We will ensure you have everything you need to become and stay compliant with the Local Law 5 & 26.

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