Entertainment Security

Serving the Entertainment and Media industry for over 30 years

Since 1994, International Protective Service Agency (IPSA) has been serving the Entertainment and Media industry for more than 30 years. From basic asset protection on film and TV sets, to talent protection and crowd control at movie premiers and ceremonies - IPSA has the look, feel and experience to ensure you’re secure on set, on the runway, and on and off Broadway.

Our clients remain loyal to us time and time again because we consistently deliver the level of protection and prestige they need, while always being mindful of their budgets.

In 1994, IPSA first began providing security services for a live audience TV program based in Midtown Manhattan called "News Talk Television", screening all audience members through walk through security metal detectors and securing the show during recording. After commencing this assignment, The Phil Donahue Talk Show started using the same facility and IPSA provided the same type of coverage including interfacing with the US Secret Service for all Presidential Candidates who appeared on the show as well as many other notable guests.

IPSA has continued to provide security for numerous other TV shows such as Oprah (while in NYC), Hollywood Squares, ESPN Cold Pizza, America's Got Talent and branching out to movies filmed in New York City. Most recently, IPSA has become well known for providing set security and talent protection for numerous reality TV programs such as Love and Hip-Hop New York/Atlanta/Hollywood, Black Ink (New York/Chicago), Teen Mom, and many more. IPSA provides services in multiple locations, national and worldwide.

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