IPSA offers uniformed guard services with a number of uniform types, including; Police Style Uniforms, Polo-Security Shirts, and Blazers and Slacks, as well as Plain-Clothed Uniform guard services.

IPSA has extensive experience in operational planning, organizing, and coordinating major events both domestically and internationally.

Buildings and other commercial facilities require their own unique protective services. As security concerns heighten around the country, IPSA has developed effective protocols that offer 24/7 protection for your valuable properties.

Security Services

IPSA is a full-service security organization, providing a full-range of services. It is this total knowledge of the field of security that makes IPSA stand out in its marketplace.

The International Protective Service Academy (IPSA) is a New York State approved Security Training School, located at our NYC office complex.

Company Info & Updates

NEWS: International Protection Group, LLC (IPG) and its subsidiary International Protective Service Agency (IPSA) opens Atlanta Regional Office providing services in Atlanta and the state of Georgia and surrounding areas. Read full press release.

International Protective Service Agency (IPSA), is a division of International Protection Group, LLC (IPG) and was established in 1989.

IPSA has worked in over 40 countries throughout the globe and we continue to expand services every year. Our staff, operators, and agents are highly qualified professionals with years of experience providing a high standard of service to all our clients on a worldwide basis.

We have a 20-year history of recruiting and hiring only the best professionals from various security, military, and law enforcement organizations such as the New York City Police Department, the Secret Service, Homeland Security and the FBI to name a few.

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Integrity is the foundation of IPSA - our people, our company. IPSA guarantees that every aspect of our work is based on clear ethical principles: clarity, honesty, and adherence to the highest professional standards.

IPSA acknowledges that when it comes to security there are basic tenets that simply cannot be compromised. IPSA pledges to meet every responsibility, every task necessary to guarantee the security of our clients.

IPSA recognizes its role as a provider of security services as a duty. We provide the same high level of quality service to every client. We recognize that the need for a safe and secure environment is the right of everyone. It is our job to provide that service every place, every time.

When it comes to your security IPSA leaves nothing to chance. We act with foresight and intelligence to insure that every contingency has been carefully thought through and planned. It is our assurance that every job is done right.

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